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Brooklyn Club Shootout Leaves At Least Four Dead, Three People Injured

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At least four people were killed and three injured this Saturday in a shoot-out at a club in Brooklyn's New York district that was being used as an illegal gambling venue.

Authorities have yet to clarify the causes of the incident, although early inquiries are investigating a possible gambling dispute or theft, nor have they officially identified any suspects.

The shooting took place shortly before 7:00 local time (11:00 GMT) at a location registered as a club for private events and was being used for illegal games of cards and dice, in which money was bet, according to the Police.

Four men were declared dead, while three people with gunshot wounds - two men and one woman - were transferred to a local hospital.

Of the deceased, two were Brooklyn residents and two lived outside New York State, while the ages of the victims range from 32 to 49.
In all, at the time of the event there were at least 15 people in the facility, according to Police, who have interrogated several of them.

At the crime scene, officers recovered a gun and a pistol. According to the authorities, at least 15 shots were fired.

Saturday's was the second mass shooting recorded in Brooklyn in three months, after the one that left one dead and 11 wounded last July when two people opened fire at a street party.

That event and several others experienced this year in that area are according to authorities related to gang activity, something that is discarded on this occasion.
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