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IMMAF Announces 2024 Event Schedule

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Commencing on March 29th, the much-anticipated 2024 IMMAF European Championships will kick off in Belgrade, Serbia. The event, spanning Senior, Junior, and Youth age brackets, promises an exhilarating showcase of top-tier talent. Youth competitions are scheduled for March 30th and 31st, followed by Senior and Junior bouts which will culminate on April 6th. 

As IMMAF continues to expand, Namibia is set to host its inaugural IMMAF event with the 2024 IMMAF Africa Championships in Windhoek. From May 27th to June 2nd, Youth, Junior, and Senior age brackets will take centre stage, adding another exciting dimension to the global MMA landscape. 

The summer of 2024 will witness a host of high-profile IMMAF events, starting with the Asia Championships, scheduled from June 30th to July 6th in Delhi, India. Showcasing the pinnacle of Asian MMA talent, the event will once again feature Youth, Junior, and Senior age brackets. 

In July, IMMAF will journey to Trinidad & Tobago for the 2024 Pan American Championships, where the rising stars of Pan American MMA will vie for recognition. From July 14th to 21st, Youth, Junior, and Senior age brackets will all compete. 
August will see IMMAF's return to Abu Dhabi, UAE, for the highly anticipated 2024 IMMAF Youth Championships. Following the ground-breaking 2023 Youth World Championships, which saw the UAE’s first-ever female Youth World Champions crowned, the 2024 edition is poised to be another historic event. Scheduled from August 5th to 11th, it promises an extraordinary showcase of emerging talent. 

The 2024 IMMAF World Championships will conclude the season. While specific dates and locations are yet to be officially confirmed, fans can eagerly anticipate witnessing the pinnacle of IMMAF competition in October or November. Stay tuned for updates on this prestigious event. 

Over the course of the year, expanded opportunities will be provided by national federations for athletes from around the world to compete and develop. Of particular note is the Mauritius Open MMA Championship, which takes place on May 1st. The event will be hosted in Cote-D’or, Mauritius, running until May 5th. 

Stay tuned to IMMAF socials for regular updates on what will be a momentous year for amateur mixed martial arts. 
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